Window Treatments

Windows are an important feature of your space. They provide your view to the outside, but also let light in and connect you to the environment outside. When windows are dressed with the right window treatments, they become a feature in your space.

Dressing a window is called a ‘window treatment’. Window treatments can vary from curtains, blinds, shutters, screens and tints. Each one of these window treatments has a variation, including curtain tab tops, eyelets, drapes, pleats, curtain poles and rails. Blinds can include roman, slat and roller designs. Shutters can be wooden, louvered and tints can create a shading or mirrored effect.

Window treatments can add warmth, luxury, shade, privacy and even insect screening to your windows which work with your space design and function.


Services – advice on window treatments alongside other interior design services is available.



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